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Pocket Zoo Premium

3.99 usd

Pocket Zoo Premium is the paid version of Pocket Zoo. Pocket Zoo Premium has no limitations and gives you full access to all webcams and videos at all times (if available).
As a bonus, get a free license for Pocket Zoo for Windows with your purchase of Pocket Zoo Premium (a $15 value).
Do you like observing animals? Then Pocket Zoo Premium is your app!
Pocket Zoo Premium connects you to hundreds of animal webcams in zoos, aquariums, and natural reserves located all around the world.
* Watch your favorite animals, birds and sea life live from dozens of cities in the US, Canada, Europe, Australia and other places!* Get a peek of animals and their cubs in areas accessible only to facility staff!* Download gallery images of select webcams!* Watch webcams only viewable on computers until now!* Did you go to the zoo and couldnt see your favorite animals in their exhibit? Load Pocket Zoo Premium and watch them live!* While animals rest at night, watch similar animals on the other side of the world!* Enjoy viewing animals with your children anywhere!
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INTERNET: needed for viewing webcamsACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: needed for detecting WiFi or mobile plan before downloadsACCESS_WIFI_STATE: needed for detecting WiFi status before downloads or video playbackWRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: needed for saving downloaded imagesWAKE_LOCK: needed for preventing the screen to dim while watching a webcamDISABLE_KEYGUARD: needed for preventing the display of the keyboard lock while watching a webcam
Pocket Zoo Premium uses third-party apps for video playback.
Pocket Zoo Premium requires at least 100 MB of storage to run. Additional storage space is needed for downloading galleries.
Devices supported: all phones and tablets with native Android OS (2.2 and above) running the native Google Play Store app and capable of running Adobe AIR apps.Devices not supported: any device that doesnt match the description shown above.
The use of this application at all times is conditioned upon prior acceptance of the End User License Agreement located at